Artist Sui Park

Hidden Gem Variation (1)

Year: 2018
Medium: Hand-dyed cable ties, black cable ties, acrylic paint
Dimensions: 45H x 50W x 6D in
Original Artwork Price: $16,000

Artist Note

Hidden Gem visualizes an image of magnified sand particles. To most of us, sand is a small ordinary object with a uniform color. Only to some, their true colors and shapes are found, seen and distinguished. Only when we have a chance to magnify and carefully observe the particles, we are often surprised and moved by their original forms and colors. They seem to be more peculiar than ordinary, more distinct than the same. Individually, they are truly a hidden gem which are unseen and yet to be found. By creating Hidden Gem, I attempt to express innate characteristics, original forms and true colors of what seems to be general ordinary object.