Artist Jeongwon Yoon

Barbie (#-Sharp)

Year: 2021
Medium: Mixed media, clear acrylic case
Dimensions: 17.7H x 6.3W x 3D in (framed)
Original Artwork Price: $1,200 (framed)

In music a sharp symbol, when placed in front of a note, increases its pitch by a half step or semitone. Yoon took this unnatural shift of note and applied its inspiration to her barbie doll.

Story of Barbies
There is always music in Jeongwon Yoon’s studio. Yoon is a classical music fan and starts her work day with the sound of Choral Music. The classic radio stations become like a friend for the artist. For Yoon, Barbie is a musical note within the music that she can see and hear.