José Carlos Casado, based in New York, is a multimedia artist originally from Spain. He uses technologies to create art involving video, 3D animation, photography, and sculpture. 
His work has shown in multiple solo and group shows internationally and has won numerous prizes and recognitions, including a grant from Picasso Foundation, a scholarship from LaCaixa Foundation, MIT's Leonardo Excellence Award, and two New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships. He has participated in more than 20 international New Media Festivals, including Sundance and ArsElectronica. He has been an art resident at the Vermont Studio Center, School of Visual Arts, Anderson Ranch Residency, and Swatch Art Peace Hotel Residency in Shanghai. He performed Aliens With Extraordinary Abilities, a 16-minute performance with video and dancers at the 1st Spanish Art Fest in NYC's Times Square.
Casado was invited to create a Swatch Art Limited Edition watch, presented at the 55th Venice Biennale, and created a surrounding video installation for the singer M.I.A.'s new album release concert. Casado founded NY/Anantapur in 2010, a foundation to raise funds to build schools in India. Two schools have been built so far and are used by more than 500 children and adults, as primary schools and civic centers.
José Carlos Casado holds a MFA graduate of the School of Visual Arts.



José Carlos Casado investigates the increasingly blurry line between real and unreal and the role of technology in daily lives. He explores how technology influences the images we see daily, how we read and interpret them, and how they are presented to us.
In the series "Arctic Trash", Casado photographed and filmed the natural landscape near the North Pole: the remnants of human activities, the landscapes above and below the water, the bottoms of icebergs, and the clarity of the light and the sky. 
Casado created vibrant sculptural works out of the photographed and filmed imageries and installed them in the natural environment. Casado's work is the photograph of the temporary installations of fragments of the sculptural works.
This project unites the explorations of cyclical life processes and the human interventions and violence that transform states of being, creating a world between the natural and the unnatural.