Krista Kim is a Canada based artist and founder of the art movement Techism (ca.2014) that promotes the confluence of art and technology by utilizing technological innovation as a medium to further the development of digital humanism. She believes that artists must participate in the vanguard of technological innovation in order to contribute to the creation of future culture during this pivotal period of technological innovation, adaptation, and disruption. 

In her manifesto, Kim explains that her movement is not in opposition to older art practices because it is “an artist’s expression drawn from the cross-pollination of contemporary tools: intelligent software and digital media.”

In her Digital Consciousness series, Kim uses a technique she developed in 2012 gathering digital images of LED lights to digitally paint and manipulate them using multiple software to create her artwork. Kim is interested in the disruptive interpersonal and social effects of digital technology, as a force of distraction and segregation of people based on similar interests and likes through algorithms on social media. She seeks to communicate a transcendent, meditative experience for the viewer in digital visual language, which she describes as digital consciousness.

Krista was the chosen artist by Creative Director Olivier Lapidus of Lanvin for the fall-winter 2018 collection. Five of her artworks were selected as the inspiration for the color cards and digitally printed fabrics and leather goods for the collection. This groundbreaking collaboration introduced the digital gradient trend into the fashion world, which is now copied by other brands. The Krista Kim sneakers and handbags were sold out of Lanvin shops worldwide.

Krista has lived in Seoul, Tokyo, and Singapore. She is exhibiting in New York, Paris, and in worldwide art fairs. She earned her Masters of Arts Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts / Goldsmiths, University of London in 2014. She completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science at the University of Toronto.