Artist Jeongwon Yoon

Barbie #19


Year: 2021
Medium: Mixed media, clear acrylic case
Dimensions: 17.7H x 6.3W x 3D in (framed)
Original Artwork Price: $1,200 (framed)

Lost and Found

Imagination is the energy of this work and the eternal playground where the artist can play with the viewer. It is a passageway leading to the world of fantasy, immersed in childhood and its innocence. Barbie is used to expose and explore the human desire foundation on societal construction of material and vanity. Yoon found Barbie 20 years ago in a donation box in NYC, where she took her home and created an intimate relationship with this nostalgic remembrance of childhood. Through the years Barbie has filled her hunger for purity and has helped create work within the playground context.