Jae Yong Kim

Duck Duck Granny Pool Party

Each Donut is a one-of-a-kind piece
Hand-signed by the artist at the back of the artwork

Artwork Title: Donut Be Afraid

Medium: Ceramic, underglaze, glaze, luster glaze, Swarovski crystals
Dimensions: 5Hx4W in (each)
Original Artwork Price: $4,200 (set of 4)


Kate Shin’s Story with Artists

Kate Shin is the founder of Waterfall Mansion & Gallery and shares her personal encounters and stories of each artist at Waterfall.

Kate met artist Jae Yong Kim during his time of depression in 2012, and discovered ceramic donut works that the artist found joy in making to avoid overeating real life donuts. Wanting to expand the story, Kate launched Jae Yong Kim’s major solo exhibition with hundreds of ceramic donuts installations at Waterfall Gallery in 2013. The curatorial narrative is inspired by Brooklyn Tabernacle Church Choir with diverse backgrounds singing and worshiping filled with spirit of joy, hoping these donuts installations would uplift the desolate souls.

"I started making more donuts because this is what made me happy," says Jae Yong Kim, "Donuts are a treat but they aren't all good. Donuts, sweets and junk food are typical fare for those living in poverty or just above it. Cheap and yummy, donuts also give a quick burst of energy which lets you keep going. They can also provide a satisfying balm when life and trying to get by is difficult."

Created from clay fired with three different types of glaze, these sculptures are endlessly inventive, representing the varieties of the actual treat as well as the artist's interest in creating new and exciting ways of seeing ceramic arts.

Jae Yong Kim’s donuts have been the first collected art for many new collectors, introducing them into the art collecting experience.