Artist Neil Douglas

Jacaranda Study (2)

Year: 2021
Medium: Oil on board
Dimensions: 7.8H x 6W in
Original Artwork Price: $2,200

Blossom Series

Starting on the floor of the studio on unstretched canvas, the artist drips paint intuitively to find the composition.Neil's inspiration for Jacaranda blossoms come from his hometown roots in London cities. The artist recalls growing up in a poor run down neighborhood which would annually become covered in a blanket of blue and purple blossoms. These pockets of nature in cities encapsulated subtle moments where beauty can be found and community can show pride.

Artist Note
"'Jacaranda' is inspired by my time painting from the Metro Arts studio complex in Brisbane, Australia. The jacaranda blossoms fall and sweep throughout the city, carpeting the streets in blues and purples." - Neil Douglas