Artist Mina Cheon

Chocopop (2) North Korean Dream Sequence Project 2 Happyland Games New IKB Dip 05

Year: 2017
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 36H x 24W in
Original Artwork Price: $7,000

Happy Land Series

As an extended theme by the artist, this “Choco-Pie Propaganda” takes the South Korean manufactured Choco-Pie confectionary that is vastly loved in North Korea, for its communication and exchange possibilities, hoping to heal the rift between the countries. The series of paintings deliberately intermix Western abstraction with social realism, pop art and politics. Happy Land therefore, signifies the complexities of North Korea and its global presentation, our cultural bias and capitalist notion of happiness found in consumerism culture, and the question of global welfare tied to Korean unification.