Artist Minha Yang

Running Woman 001

Year: 2015
Medium: Digital print (edition 1 of 5)
Dimensions: 31.5H x 59W in
Original Artwork Price: $8,000

Running Woman

A digital creation portraying the artist Mihna Yang’s inner reflection of himself as he deals with the outside world's circumstances. The depiction of a woman's foot emerging forward from the red garments she wears evoke flight and time through several algorithms and reveals a vision between reality and virtuality. Moving images taken by a high-speed camera are converted into two-dimensional vectors. These regenerating and recombining processes apply exquisite visual modifications to the original video. The work is composed of multiple layers, starting from showing superficial forms, through movements of lines and blank space. His use of the color red in Meditation he has discussed as a ‘religious tool,’ red being the color associated with religion in Korea. The work of "Running Woman" beyond its digital constraints evokes the lasting beauty found in oriental landscape drawings.