Artist Hye Rim Lee

Purple Rose

Year: 2021
Medium: C print, white wood frame (Edition of 12 + 2 APs & 2 MPs)
Dimensions: 48.8H x 48.8W in (framed)
Original Artwork Price: $8,500 (framed)

The Rose of Sharon (Artist Note)

The Rose is a series of digital photography evolved from the Black Rose. The image made from 3D animation deals with the world of virtual relationships using sophisticated computer programs with symbolism to drive the viewer’s thoughts, while mixing an old technique of photography and dazzling 3D digital effects of glossy glass that optimize perspective, texture, and reflection. Using symbols,colors and textures depict the richness and diverse characteristics of the transformative nature of my animation. Glass can easily reform and change the form into others; it symbolizes two opposite things in one material; soft and hard, liquid and solid. It creates a space where hope is imminent, and brings healing and restoration to the wounded soul.

“Distinct from Black Rose, they have a lighter colour palette with pastels or saturated colours with many symbolic associations. The rose colours in the Rose Series come from the Black Rose animation and represent love and royalty. In particular, the pale pink rose, which is in the animation and the Rose Series, connects to Lee’s identity and spirituality. The South Korean national flower is a pale pink one called mugunghwa which comes from the word mugung meaning immortal or everlasting. The same flower is also known as the Rose of Sharon and is actually a pale pink flower from the Hibiscus genus. As the Rose of Sharon it appears in the Song of Songs, series of lyrical poems in the Bible. While many interpretations and meanings have been found in the Song of Songs, all of them have love and intimacy at the heart. For Lee, the narrative is a spiritual journey of intimacy in which ‘the bride desires to be touched by the Word of God because she knows that His love is far better than all the pleasures of the world’. Where the darkened room showing Black Rose is about lost love, the white room of Rose Series is about found love.”

By Charlotte Huddleston, TOKI and Shifting Identity, A Short Biography, Art New Zealand 2021