Artist Orna Ben-Ami

Scarf (1)

Year: 2021
Medium: Welded iron and charcoal on linen
Dimensions: 63H x 40W x 20D in (sculpture) | 42.5H x 63W in (drawing)
Original Artwork Price: $40,000 (set) | $12,000 (drawing only)

The Softness of Iron

For the artist, softening the iron is like softening life. When translating from the personal, the local, and the global, each subject deals with its own expansive contexts which makes it hard to find grounding. Beginning to deal with each narrative demands the ability to lean in and find something to hold on to. Orna believes as women and art converge, art becomes stronger than the resounding masculine attributes of iron materials.

“I share my stories, my feelings, my memories, my wishes, and my life. And my hope is that viewers will see themselves, and their own stories in and through my works. I want people to find their stories in my story.”-Orna Ben-Ami