Artist Jeffrey Brosk

Thunder Creek #4

Year: 2021
Medium: Cherry wood, stain, gold leaf
Dimensions: 10H x 8W x 7D in
Original Artwork Price: $3,800

Functional Wood Works

“When I turned from architecture to fine art, I initially used wood as a medium because it was more affordable than concrete and steel. But I started to be drawn to the beauty of it and was taken with the possibility of collaborating with wood as a distillation of the larger notion of Nature. The Western Landscape continues to touch my inner soul and has taught me so much, not just about things like perspective, scale and the play of light and shadows, but about myself and how to live life everyday.”-Jeffrey Brosk

Artist Note

All of these wall sculptures are made from the same cherry beam that had a crack that went the length of the beam. This was a situation where I collaborated with the natural crack in the wood. After cutting the pieces I started chiseling around the crack and let it talk to me as to what I should make. I purposely made the chiseling rough to express the nature of the wood. Also, I like using a precious metal like gold leaf within a context of the natural rough wood.