Artist Hye Rim Lee

Brown Rose

Year: 2022
Medium: C print, custom-made circle frame, automotive paint (Edition 1/10)
Dimensions: 27.5 in (diameter) (framed)
Original Artwork Price: $5,500 (framed)

The Rose of Sharon (Artist Note)

Lee’s new series of digital prints evolved from her most recent media art ‘Black Rose Series’. The Black Rose fearlessly depicts a diamond dreamscape for an ever-ending journey in shifting identity and spirituality. Distinct from the artist's prominent ‘Black Rose Series,’ the “Rose of Sharon” works encapsulates a lighter color palette to display delicate human characteristics such as loyalty. The South Korean national flower is Mugunghwa, known for its pale pink complexion and derived from the word ‘Mugung,’ meaning immortal or everlasting. The same flower is found in the Hibiscus Genus family and is called the “Rose of Sharon.”Inspired by these concepts and visual characteristics, Lee has created work to entail the intimacy and delicacy of the heart with its opposing loss and found themes.