Airan Kang

An artist creating Digital Books using LED to focus on the construction and in-betweeness of language

Antonio Murado

An abstract painter who experiments with a variety of techniques and source materials to create his works often containing mythological and art historical references

atelier JAK

atelierJak ranges through sculpture, installation, film, painting and conceptual creations serving to obstruct the viewers reality from what is known to what can be possible

Carole Feuerman

A sculptor capturing moments of contemplation, breakthrough and translate the journey to self-achievement

Caroline Cheng

(b.1963, UK) A world-renowned British-Chinese ceramist, curator, and educator known for Chinese-style dresses covered with thousands of miniature hand-formed porcelain butterflies

Chae Eunmi

An artist who uses gold and mother of pearl to explore the theme of eternity employing various media such as video, sculpting, and architecture

Chul Gwag

A sculptor focusing on the human body as a reflective narration of the inner turmoils that grow within that are not easily transparent to the outer perspective
Chung Kim

Chung Kim

A sculptor who creates functional woodworks that depict the tranquil beauty and sensibility of Korea within the multicultural environment of American cultural trade

Dae Soo Kim

(b.1955, Korea) A photographer known for using the oldest photographic techniques to capture nature and life

David Chang

(b.1971, Korea) A renowned calligraphy artist who has been pursuing the art of western calligraphy for the past 20 years and vacillating between traditional scripts and contemporary abstraction

Dawn Waters Baker

A landscape painter who captures emotions, feelings and a sense of otherness through the depiction of nature

Eunju Kang

(b. 1962, Korea) A New York-based artist who uses a monotype printing technique and often incorporates collage and detailed sketches or paintings entwining her daily life

Gabriele Wilpers

A German artist who uses painting and photography in spatial concept art describing human existence using various mediums like installation objects, film, architectural glass

Geri Taper

An artist who depicts life force and human movement in simple forms and reduced bold colors

Gil Kuno

A media artist questioning common perception, human patterns and societal conditionings

Gun Kim

An illustrator who focuses on creating everyday life into imaginary environments as a sacred place for restoration

Heidy Sumei Chuang

A Taiwanese-American artist who works with floral design and painting using calligraphic lines of Asian paintings interfaced with the Western traditional landscape

Hiroko Otake

An artist who represents the renaissance of the soul in the forms of butterflies and flowers using the Nihonga technique

Hong Sungchul

An artist who turns photographs into three-dimensional work by printing the images on the strings symbolizing both the loneliness and the support of humanity

Hugo Yoshikawa

(b.1986, Tokyo)A French-Japanese illustrator based in Spain who depicts everyday life objects with a style inspired by French-Belgian comics and woodblock printing from his Japanese roots

Hye Rim Lee

A Korean intermedia artist who works across digital, sculptural, and performance platforms and explores the interplay between technology and female identity

Hyong Nam Ahn

A New Jersey-based artist who makes poetic and lyrical sculptures and drawings to capture the vitality of the physical and spiritual world using neon lights, aluminum, stainless steel, rock, metal, etc

Jae Yong Kim

A ceramic artist known as “doughnut artist” who creates colorful and unique clay doughnuts often decorated with Swarovski crystals to express the beauty of diversity and to deliver joy to people

Jang Woosuk

A Korea-based artist who pioneered in “stamp-painting” technique and using subject matters that symbolize the powers of capital arranges them to create “chaosmos”

JeeYoung Lee

A media artist who photographs her own studio staged as a physical space of mind expressing excerpts of her heart, hopes, and dreams

Jeffrey Brosk

An architect who finds harmony between up close and at a distance, abstracting from his love for the Western Landscape

Jeongwon Yoon

An artist using unexpected combinations of found and mass produced materials, such as barbie dolls, to convey the space in between intimate moments from one state to another

Jinwon Chang

A fine artist based in New York who uses art to share his contemplation about God and the spiritual world

Jiwon Song

(b.1991, Korea) A New York-based artist, art educator, and curator whose paintings are inspired by instances and stories of her life expressed in a childlike innocence

José Carlos Casado

A New York-based multimedia artist who uses video, 3D animation, photography, and sculpture to explore the influence of technology on daily life

Karen Swenholt

A figurative sculptor based in Northern Virginia who conveys emotions through precise facial expressions and body movements

Kim Joon

An artist who crafts composite photographs of the heavily tattooed or patterned human body in order to visualize the desires of people that dominate the minds

Kim Young-Soo

An artist who collects thousands of scattered images from the internet space through “googling” and recreates using only the colors of the images

Kimi Kim Wittling

A New York-based ceramic artist who turns everyday objects like bags and legos using ceramic and expresses the desires and joys in life

Krista Kim

A founder of Techism who uses technology for her artistic expression about social phenomenon caused by digital technology

Laurie Lea

A New York-based mixed media artist who explores the relationship between light and form in visual, psychological, and symbolic ways using neon lights, glass, and other materials

Lee Jin Woo

(b.1959, Korea) A Paris-based artist whose work is created in intense physical labor with layers of charcoal and Hanji paper inviting the viewers into silence and a journey into self

Lee Seung Hee

A master of ceramics technique who is known for his contemporary interpretation of ceramics turning three-dimensional objects into shallow-relief on porcelain tiles

Lili Almog

(b.1961, Israel) A New York-based photographer who is renowned for her intimate portraits of women and their cultural identities around the world

Linda Smith

An artist and an art educator who uses photography and experimentation of different materials as a visual language to communicate memories and progression of thoughts about life

Luca Artioli

An Italian photographer who uses the ICM technique, in which the artist moves the camera intentionally with long exposures, to capture scenes around the world in impressionistic and pictorial representations

Mark Roskams

Renowned Australian-born photographer based in New York whose main interest is photographing architecture and design. His photographs have appeared in a wide variety of international magazines

Melodie Provenzano

An American contemporary artist who is known for her meticulous still life paintings and drawings depicting carefully constructed compositions of daily objects with narrative momentum

Mika Horie

A Japanese artist who prints cyanotype prints of photographs on Gampi paper to capture the timelessness and impermanence of life

Mina Cheon

A Korean-American artist based in Baltimore, New York, and Seoul who creates conceptual works in the socialist realism propaganda style hoping for the unification of Korean Peninsula

Minha Yang

A media artist based in Korea who shares both the formative value and socio-cultural context of the imperfections through technology and art

Myoung Ho Lee

A Korean artist who photographs natural scenery with an installation of white canvas behind subject matter to speak about ‘RE-presentation’ and ‘RE-production’

Natsuko Hattori

A New York-based artist who uses fabric to make clusters of colorful cotton filled ball sculptures to convey warmth, softness, and intimate human touch

Neil Douglas

A British oil painter based in London who explores the relationship between the organic pockets of nature and manmade spaces in modern metropoleis

Nikolai Makarov

A painter challenging the bounds of perception by enshrouding his subjects in a foggy transparent veil. He believes art should captivate and draw contemplation for the inner mind and thoughts

Noh Jun

A sculptor whose work is predicated on the use of immaginative characters and the human body to explore the restoration of humans relationship to nature

Orna Ben-Ami

One of the only Israeli women iron welders whose works are sculptural renditions of everyday life representing the cultural identities and memories of the past

Osang Gwon

A Korean artist who uniquely blends two of his favorite mediums, photography and sculpture, into his works

Peter Moon

An artist renowned in the genre of watercolor who paints in an abstract style focusing on the pure and flowing nature of water

Rex Hausmann

An artist who questions his place in the world through autobiographical painting

Sang Joon Park

A potter using Inhwamun technique to create floral patterns and Gwiyal slip technique to apply expressive color slips to make functional art

Sarah Saito

A California-based artist creating artworks with a balanced composition and a muted and elegant palette blending Eastern and Western styles

Shane Pennington

(b1962, USA) A Dallas-based artist and a founder of AURORA, the largest outdoor new media arts festival in the United States of America, known for his copper wire sculptures conjuring energy that reflects life, death, and universal consciousness

Takashi Harada

(b.1969, Japan) A New York-based Japanese artist who uses the traditional Japanese painting technique, Nihonga, to paint the beauty of the ever-changing seasons and beauty of natural landscapes

Thomas Wunsch

(b.1957, Germany) A photographer who has a long-established career for photographing portraits of celebrities; more recent works capture the details and textures in everyday life

U-Ram Choe

(b.1970, Korea) A contemporary artist who creates motion sensitive complex kinetic sculptures that combine delicate, otherworldly beauty with machines, motors, and steel

Valerius DeMarchi

(b.1941, Italy) One of the most famous sculptors in Italy who recreates the perfect beauty of women in his statuettes attempting to capture the ineffable grace of female emotions and relationships

Wonju Seo

(b.1964, Korea) A Korean artist who creates abstract geometric textile artworks using Korean traditional fabric with silk painting and mixed media collage

Yuval Mahler

(b.1951, Israel) An artist whose artworks are characterized by wry humor, satire, caricature, and comedy producing his insightful studies of human behavior and relationships