Luda Rodin – emerging self-taught artist and a mother of five children who lives and works in New York. Her painting tends to be both figurative and abstract to give a sense of sincere energy coming through. She deliberately shows the beauty of butterflies on large canvases so that for a moment we become smaller than they are.

Rodin explores the complexity of relationships such as community, relationships, and individuality through bold, simplistic, and larger-than-life Monarch butterflies. With these pieces she hopes to bring joy and reflection. The butterflies are a beautiful sight to behold, yet one that is endangered and fleeting. For Rodin, butterflies are a testament to hope, rebirth, and authenticity. She works in oil on canvas in a large-scale format. Recently, she has started free-hand painted large wall murals using exterior wall paints, rendering the graceful butterflies in epic proportions in order to make people enjoy but also be aware of the themes she poses.