Antonio Murado is a New York-based painter who experiments with a variety of techniques and source materials to create his works. His images range from abstract to representational, with thick impasto and lighter gestural marks. His works often contain mythological and art historical references that explore his interest in nature.
Building up layers on the surface of the canvas and adding lighter gestural marks, Antonio Murado achieves great depth and a meditative mood. He explores his interest in nature using subject matter—often abstracted landscapes and flowers—and experiments with the behavioral properties of paints and varnishes. In a recent series, inspired by Shakespeare’s Ophelia, Murado uses methods to blow paint across the painting’s surface, layered with semi-transparent color. For all of their possible resemblances of nature with the guestural paints, Murado urges more open readings of his work, warning that, “We have this tendency to read things, to read everything into things that we understand.”
Antonio Murado was born in Lugo, Spain, in 1964 and graduated from the University of Salamanca. His paintings have been shown internationally in multiple solo and group exhibitions around the world. Murado’s paintings are now held in the prominent museum, corporations, and private collections including The Galician Center of Contemporary Art, Santiago de Compostela, Spain; The Museum of Fine Art, Vitoria, Spain; The Nagasaki Art Museum, Japan; in the collections of Phillip Morris; American Express; Chase Manhattan Bank; AXA; Pfizer; and The Coca-Cola Corporation.
-Antonio Murado