Dae Soo Kim lives and works in Pairs and Seoul. His photographic images have highly magical content. In European art history, the aura of work is a well-known phenomenon of photography, and Dae-Soo Kim’s work stays in this tradition. He works with one of the oldest photographic techniques, allowing not only a long duration but also a finely differentiated approach. The analog camera supports this personal view of his. He examines his motifs frontally, goes up-close, chooses sections, works with oblique viewing angles, and thus presents the uniqueness of the bamboo plant. Black and white films offer a very high quality that Dae-Soo Kim knows how to push to its limits. They are so close as to be grasped, and because of their black, grey, and white contrasts, they become untouchable. What remains is the wonder and careful observation. 
Kim approaches his topic of Bamboo with sensitivity and delicacy. Bamboos, as isolated tall plants, border the views of mountains lying in fog and clouds. Bamboo stalks are photographed up close, and like x-rays lit up. Bamboos as impenetrable forest in regulated sections, then the movement when the lancet formed leaves of the crowns of the stalks appear, to reveal complete deep darkness.
Dae Soo Kim has had numerous solo exhibitions  , including "Dae Soo Kim" at Gallery Artuser in Seoul Korea; "Sky Land and Manscape" at Lucida Gallery in Jinju, Korea; "Dae Soo Kim Photography" at Francoise Livinec in Paris, France; "New Wave in Korean Photography" at GoEun Museum of Photography in Busan, Korea; "Listen to the Bamboos" at Glaerie Eulenspiegel in Basel, Switzerland; and many more. Kim's works were exhibited internationally at museums and galleries for group shows, including Gallerie PJ in Metz, France; Galerie Eulenspiegel in Basel, Switzerland; Chateau de Dampierre sur Boutonne in France, Waterfall gallery in New York, USA; National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, Korea; The American Club in Singapore; Galelie Dorothea in Mainz, Germany; and Hong Kong Convention Center in Hong Kong to name a few.