Kimi Kim Wittling an artist based in New York, has been working in various genres including textiles, woodcraft, print, lacquer, graphic design, and ceramics since 1994. After graduating in Ceramics Design from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, she has been focusing more on ceramics. Her works feature delicate forms inspired by nature, such as trees, leaves, and petals made from fragile materials like ceramic and “paper clay”. These forms represent the nature of love and care in Kimi’s personal life and how these relationships and beacons of joy are impossibly fragile, yet indescribably precious.  

Kimi Kim Wittling is an award winner of "International Competition KOREA", "CERAMIC Foundation Gyeonggi International" and "CERAMIC Biennale" in Korea in 2019. Wittling's works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions including "Re:collection" at Waterfall Gallery in NY; "Infinite Grace 2" in Alpine, NJ; "A Sustaining Life" at Bergdorf Goodman in NY; and "Artful Living" at The West Village Printing House in NY, and many more. Kimi Kim Wittling continues to develop her work, creatively incorporating playfulness and beauty and exhibiting in the New York area.