Gun Kim is an illustrator, based in New York, who turns his moments of encounter with God into an eternal sanctuary. Kim primarily works digitally to extend his contemplation and expression with a variety of tools and techniques.
In the place Kim creates, he questions and digests the frustrations and despair that come from the gap between his faith and the reality he faces. Kim renders the hours of direct encounters with God and real subjects from everyday life into imaginary environments as a sacred place for restoration. He hopes that it will become such a transitional station where viewers can rest, meet God, receive comfort and the warmth in God's presence. The interiors expose the artist's personal vulnerability as he seeks for reclamation and extends room for contemplation and remembrance of divine interference.
Kim’s expressions define his search for contentment and consistency. His process communicates his unresolved emotions and questions from his past of which he longs to resolve, as echoed in the sanctuaries he illustrates. The drawings serve as a rest stop for viewers to find new beginnings for their journey’s ahead. The meditative results replenishes the artist with God's support as he grows experiencing more of his relationship to his faith.
Kim was born in South Korea and holds a bachelor’s degree in illustration from Parsons The New School For Design. He is currently working as a space curator at Waterfall Mansion & Gallery.