Artist Gun Kim

You, a Leftover


Year: 2022
Medium: Digital paint, archival pigment print on archival paper (Edition 2/5)
Dimensions: 21.5H x 31.5W in (framed), 20H x 30W in (image size)
Original Artwork Price: $3,800 (framed)

The Light Coming Through a Crack Series

During his teenage years, while experiencing the limitations, fragility and unavoidable failure of human relationships, Kim’s world-view degraded into pessimism and cynicism. He became despondent as everything seemed meaningless and empty, as any relationship was bound for an eventual end. The artist's longing for meaning became revealed to him from the crack of a window in his bedroom. Since 2018 Kim has used reference to the crack that allows light to emanate through, brightening up the space it is surrounded by. He believes the cracks are where the most painful stories are held, a place where God can pierce into one's heart and fulfills his good purpose.

Through this series, Kim wanted to speak about the characteristics of Light. How it penetrates, tears, and burns yet it heals, restores, gives life, and makes a dark night a bright day.

Click here to see the process video