Heidy Sumei Chuang is a Taiwanese American Artist who works with floral design and painted media. In her works, Chuang links identity and place and merges them using calligraphic lines of Asian paintings interfaced with the Western traditional landscape. She believes that where one comes from and where one lives shapes the person’s identity. 
Her paintings are memories of places, rather than representations of actual places. As such, these places are imaginary, existing in the space between reality and desire. Perceptible patterns and recognizable objects overlay less perceptible ones so that in many of these works, the figurative and abstract converge. 
Heidy Sumei Chuang has had many solo exhibitions, including "Butterfly Project" at L'Abri Fellowship in Southborough MA; "Butterflies of France" at A Rocha International in France; "There is a River" at Ditra Gallery in New York; "Passage through Dust and Stone" at Hebzibah House in New York; "Watercolors from the Middle East" at Chalet Melez in Huemoz, Switzerland to list a few. Chuang was nominated as a lead floral designer at the Faculty Club of "Petali Flowers" at Harvard University in Boston, MA. 
Chuang's works were featured in numerous publications including "Artist Writing" on Butterflies of France of A Rocha International, "Painting the City" on New Boston Post, "Artist Feature" on Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston, "Architectural Digest, Designer's Favorite Florist" on Hotel W, Floral Designer for Nationwide Marketing and many more. 
Chuang is a recipient of awards including "CIVA Grant Award" of Doing Good Well in Leavenworth, WA; "Vermont Studio Center Full Fellow" of Johnson in VT; "Constantin Alajalov Painting Award" in Boston MA; "Yi H Chang Grant" in Paris, France; and "Washington University Painter's Award" in St. Louis, MO. 
She holds a BFA in painting from Washington University and an MFA from Boston University. Most recently she studied Art and Theology at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland.