Peter Moon is a Korean artist renowned in the genre of watercolor who left behind his mastery. He pays attention to the properties of the watercolor itself with a playful attitude, enjoying its nature and properties with his body and brain. 
He meditates on water and color as well as the fun of color, gloss, luster, and texture. He uses the secret of watercolor that is related to the property of water as a medium varying the properties of paints. The watercolor reveals its colors when it meets the water; the colors are expressed as a form with diverse patterns in a colorful harmony with the paper. Moon creates his miniature universe as he paints with the properties of water obeying the law of coincidence. Rather than portraying the realistic picture of the scenery, Moon follows and reveals the true characteristics of water with more abstract images.
Moon has had many solo exhibitions including at The Water of Life Gallery in Seoul, Korea; at Elaine L.Jacob Gallery in Wayne State University in Detroit, USA; at B-Tree Gallery in Seoul, Korea; at Kalamazoo Institute of Art in Michigan, USA; at L Concept Gallery in Paris, France; to name a few. He took part in numerous group exhibitions including “RESTORE” at Waterfall Gallery in New York, USA; "Visual Story" at Geu-rimson Gallery in Seoul, Korea; "Re:collection" at Waterfall Gallery, and “Exposition des visages des 5 continents” at the PAF2018 (Paris, France), among many others. 
Peter Moon is an award recipient of The 25th Korea Watercolor Competition Grand Prize at Seongnam Art Center in Korea, Grand Prize in the 2nd Korea Watercolor Painting Exhibition, Seoul Gallery in Korea, and Grand Prize of the 32nd Korean Art Competition in Korea. Moon's works have been collected by many private collectors and at Kalamazoo Institute of Art in Michigan, USA.