Laurie Lea is a New York based visual artist exploring the relationship between light and form: how they affect each other in visual, psychological, and symbolic ways. The light comes from artificial sources and represents not only the invisible reality underlying appearance, but also the spiritual dimension which gives life meaning. The interaction of light and structure gives Lea a way of examining human existence in both the invisible dimension and in the dimension of observable phenomena. 
Lea has presented work in galleries, museums, and alternative venues in the US and countries around the globe: Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Japan, Israel, Africa, and Europe. She initiated and wrote the original Public Arts Ordinance for Atlanta, GA when serving on the city’s Fulton County Arts Council.  She is a recipient of numerous awards, grants, and residencies which include the Georgia Arts Council Purchase Award,  grants from The Brooklyn Arts Council, Artists Grants/ Artists Space, the New York Council on the Arts, Southern Arts, England and the Arts Council of Great Britain. Her work is included in major collections throughout the world including the Moma Archives, NYC, Museum of Robins Center for Peace, Tel-Aviv, Israel,  Walsall Museum & Art Gallery, Walsall, England, and the Georgia Arts Council State Art Collection, Atlanta, GA.