Luca Artioli is an Italian artist, poet, and photographer widely recognized in Europe and around the world. For years, he has worked in the most vital artistic circles of world culture, such as La Scala Opera House in Milan, The Wolfsonian Museum in Miami during Art Basel, and Hermès in Paris. Artioli has evolved over the years as an artist who is appreciated for both his skill with the camera as well as the pen. 
Artioli’s photos of Manhattan have been taken using the ICM Technique (Intentional Camera Movement), in which the artist moves the camera intentionally with long exposures. The long exposure helps to deconstruct the light and landscape, creating an impressionistic and pictorial effect. This offers a different and unexpected perspective of the city and its nature. Artioli considers his works a homage to the French Impressionist painters like Claude Monet, referring to his works as photographic impressionism. He aims to depict life in which everything is in movement: emotions, colors, light, time, seasons, etc. He believes that the ICM technique helps him to create metaphors and to wonder and surprise people. 
Luca Artioli was born in Milan but he has been living in Miami since 2008. In 2000, after receiving a Master's degree in Photography, he left the world of finance to follow his special vocation for “light” and poetry. In few years Artioli has published a number of books with Mondadori, the key publishing house in Italy, and some of his books are translated into many languages. Artioli has had numerous photographic solo exhibitions around the world from Milan to Bombay, Dubai, Miami, and now New York. The author has carried out press coverage and his works are sold in leading art galleries in Italy and abroad, where the author now spends most of his time.