Artist Gary Lopez

Golden Wave

Year: 2021
Medium: C-type print
Dimensions: 20H x 30W in | 30H x 45W in | 40H x 60W in
Original Artwork Price: $2,500 | $3,500 | $6,500 (framed)

Artist Note

"Arcing across the Autumn night sky in central California, the California Nebula is a cloud of hydrogen and sulfur gases and dust that has a faint, wispy veil of oxygen. I collected the exposures in three different years using three different telescopes to create the wide view and details of this remarkable nebula. In total, I collected more than 70 hours of hydrogen, sulfur, and oxygen gas emission light, as well as natural starlight. I used the best 43 hours of those exposures to create this image, and employed color tonal ranges and contrast to emphasize the three-dimensional quality and dynamic movement of the roiling structures, like a golden wave breaking in the sky.”- Gary Lopez