Artist Eunju Kang

Burst (1)

Year: 2008
Medium: Monotype on paper
Dimensions: 35.5H x 28W in
Original Artwork Price: $2,500

Artist's Note

Eunju’s passion for monoprinting began in Santa Barbara. Her beautiful incorporation of mixed media like collage, painting, and detailed sketches that can be traced back to a lifetime of avid doodling. Seeing her work up-close and personal is an absolute treat.

She has continued to explore the medium, often incorporating collage and detailed sketches or painting. Her work is a collection of daily encounters and subtle moments in life. The artist states “All of these images come with me to the studio. I add, subtract, blur, clear, and then the surprise of it all comes, a simple gesture both deliberate and not deliberate! This unexpected outcome drives me every day.” Her body of works inspires what can be created from fragmented pieces. Like a puzzle, she uncovers the harmony in each day and creates a symphony within her compositions.

Eunju’s work speaks on the transitory nature of life, where one happening shifts into another constantly. They work as a collection of memories, each entailing their own symbology for becoming something new.