Artist Sang Joon Park

Flower Bud

Year: 2023
Medium: Stoneware, porcelain
Dimensions: 5H x 5W in (set of bowls and a holder)
Original Artwork Price: $3,600 (set of 9)

Artist Note
Sangjoon Park’s work tirelessly moves beyond the expected decor composition and effortlessly encompasses the expression of his life, soul, and spirit. In his creative journey to establish a profound bond with nature, his ceramic and porcelain creations undergo a metamorphosis, evolving from mere wheel-based traditional forms into captivating installations. This transformation gives rise to sculptural stacks and abstracted wall-mounted pieces, redefining the boundaries of his artistic expression.

Over the course of two years, Park's ceramic painting concept took shape collaboratively with Kate Shin, the director of Waterfall Gallery. While embarking on travels abroad due to their consultations, the artist had the opportunity to procure 'Joseon baekja porcelain,' a revered white porcelain from the historical Joseon dynasty. Upon returning to his studio, Park skillfully melded this porcelain treasure with Buncheong, also known as punch'ong, a traditional Korean stoneware showcasing a captivating blue-green hue.

In the conventional ceramic production method, objects typically endure dual kiln firing processes. However, in this case, these pieces underwent a remarkable five distinct firings, subjecting them to temperatures exceeding 2,300 Fahrenheit. This intensive treatment was essential to fuse the individual elements, resulting in a durable and dimensional interplay marked by a matte gloss finish. Collectively, these separate components elegantly emulate the delicate buds of a blooming flower, synergistically giving rise to a seamless three-dimensional sculptural masterpiece. Park aims to create a clear contrast between the delicate holder's stem and the opulently flourishing flower when observed from a side view. This is emphasized by the “Inhwamun” stamped clay surface and the vibrancy of the slips used on the stem.