Jeongwon Yoon weaves unexpected combinations of disparate found objects and mass produced materials into magical worlds transcending the limits of time and space. Her works expand from painting, installation, furniture, fashion and jewelry. She often explores her ideas as part of a series or closed related separates. Her works involve a laborious process and achieves a range of grand scale. Using intimate repurposed materials such as barbie dolls and necklaces, Yoon aims to convey the space in between moments from one state to another. Inspired by Korean Shamanic practices, where offerings are made as a transaction of gratitude between spirit and human, Yoons creations become the substance of dramas of ambivalence and an entry for both the celebration of life and death as well as spiritual purity and material consumption. It is within this paradox that many Koreans find themselves undertaking, contradiction can equal dynamism and opportunities are created from instability and tradition.
Jeongwon’s first artwork to be offered at auction was Flowers in Space at Seoul Auction in 2019.