Artist Dawn Waters Baker



Year: 2020
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 48H x 36W in
Original Artwork Price: $9,000 (framed)

Artist Note

During this time of Covid and all the tension that was happening in our world the Lord seemed to be quieting me. Through the encouragement of Kate Shin and WFM I was challenged to “go deeper.” The word “deep” always makes me think of water. For me the waterfall has always been a symbol of God's eternal Love. The weathered tree is a symbol of our suffering. We get thirsty, hungry, tempted and by that we get shaped. This series is my way of sitting under the thunder of those waters yet finding it soft and exhilarating. It’s simply holding my hands up, like those trees and saying, “I want to live here. Rooted in You.” And I get to feel the mist, the soft white water and know that he has me for eternity.