Artist Gary Lopez

Funnel Cloud

Year: 2020
Medium: C-type print
Dimensions: 20H x 30W in | 30H x 45W in | 40H x 60W in
Original Artwork Price: $2,500 | $3,500 | $6,500 (framed)

Artist Note

"In winter, rising in the southeast in the constellation Monoceros, there is a region where the light and hot matter from a cluster of energetic blue stars forces the interstellar dust and gas to fold, twist, and stretch. Intense gravity creates a funnel-shaped chamber, the birthplace of new stars.

Nearly 30 hours of photographic exposures collected over two winters were needed to create this image. The red, orange, and gold colors are glowing hydrogen and sulfur gases, while the deep blue is primarily glowing oxygen.”- Gary Lopez