Artist Gil Kuno

Noise Paintings; Nosferatu

Year: 2017
Medium: UV print on acrylic (edition 1 of 6)
Dimensions: 33.5H x 44W in
Original Artwork Price: $6,000

Artist Note
“Noise Paintings makes you rethink what a painting articulation, or expression is. People often think that every single aspect of the painting or artwork is the result of the artist’s intention. But my work tries to challenge that notion by showing that an artwork is more than what the artist thought of or intended. The artwork is also about what the artists didn’t think of, didn’t want to draw, or didn’t want to put on their work. In Noise Paintings I captured all the dust particles, all the noise, all the scratches that the artist didn’t want to express in his film. All these elements that the artist did not intend have become part of his film and thus part of the artwork. It makes us rethink what an artwork is.”