Artist Hyong Nam Ahn

The Grace

Year: 2018
Medium: Stainless steel, rock, neon
Dimensions: 18.9H x 18.9W x 18.9D in
Original Artwork Price: $18,000

Windrock Series
The artist found interest in technology in college. He recalls walking one day and seeing a rock on the ground, of which he felt initially attracted and amazed by its simplistic view of nature. He realized that technology could not compete with the beauty of nature. Eventually he wanted to co-create with something bigger than what we can known or see. He states "Almost 30 years ago, I began with the rock and the air to find a balance. From windrock I wanted to differentiate myself to God, myself to heaven, myself to the unknown. I try to always encapsulate the distance between objects, space, myself and God."-Hyong Nam Ahn