Artist Antonio Murado

Ikon (6)

Year: 2023
Medium: Oil paint and varnish on wooden board
Dimensions: 12.75H x 15.75W in 
Original Artwork Price: $1,800

Ikon Series

The Ikon series is a collection that bridges the rich tapestry of historical symbolism with a contemporary exploration of abstract interpretation. The collection delves into the concept of "Ikon" as a symbolic embodiment, a signifier of hidden messages, and a manifestation of our reverence for the overlooked treasures that permeate our lives. The artist employs an array of techniques on up-cycled wooden panels to imbue each Ikon with layers of meaning and intrigue.

Notably, they utilize Silverpoint, a technique hailing from the Renaissance era, in which soft stainless steel leaves its residue on the surface, producing intricate and graphic-like drawings. Where some are Intricately rendered in pencil or in oblong shapes painted in oil, each Ikon is meticulously detailed, offering a subtle narrative that resonates with the viewer. The application of crackling varnish adds another dimension to the collection, as it dries and evolves based on the density of humidity. This unpredictable element lends a sense of temporal fluidity to the pieces, reinforcing the theme of transient memory and historical reinterpretation. The wooden banded edges of the panels serve as a reminder to cherish and care for these unique objects, reflecting the appreciation we should hold for the valuable remnants of the past.

Murado undoubtedly prompts viewers to reflect on the often-forgotten, the overlooked, and the enduring beauty of the world around us. These Ikons offer a bridge between history and the present, a collection of messages that remind us of what has been forgotten but remains eternally resonant in our hearts and minds.