Artist Jinwon Chang

In-between 20P9

Year: 2020
Medium: Korean Ink, metallic paint, acrylic, metallic pen and pencil on Hanji
Dimensions: 67H x 54W in
Original Artwork Price: $35,000

Inbetween Series
In the years prior to the , Chang was making monotone works that displayed his proficiency with Sumi ink and symbolized his confrontation with faith as it shifted from Buddhism to Christianity. In those transitory works, he found himself exploring themes of connecting humanity's perpetuating ego with an ability to emanate light. As the work progressed, Chang found himself in a new place of creation.

Artist Note
"My abstract art is a form of devotion for me, a path as legitimate as pure meditation. Buddhist philosophy teaches me that meditation can transform and purify my mind… unburdening me. Since becoming a Christian I have let go of needing to do this or that and just allowing God to speak to me. I, therefore, have sought to create a meditative state with my modern artwork that can help me release and be of service. I believe that as I get older, I know that I don’t know anything. The only thing I trust is that when this chapter is done, the physical world is gone. What else is there is beyond and unforeseen. So my service is a way of getting to that unknown." -Jinwon Chang