Artist Jinwon Chang

In-between Study (13)

Artist Note
"My abstract art is a form of devotion for me, a path as legitimate as pure meditation. Buddhist philosophy teaches me that meditation can transform and purify my mind… unburdening me. Since becoming a Christian I have let go of needing to do this or that and just allowing God to speak to me. I, therefore, have sought to create a meditative state with my modern artwork that can help me release and be of service. I believe that as I get older, I know that I don’t know anything. The only thing I trust is that when this chapter is done, the physical world is gone. What else is there is beyond and unforeseen. So my service is a way of getting to that unknown." -Jinwon Chang

Year: 2019
Medium: Korean ink, metallic paint, acrylic, metallic pen, and pencil on printmaking paper
Dimensions: 29.75H x 22.25W in
Original Artwork Price: $6,000