Artist Jinwon Chang

Kairos (1)

Year: 2021
Medium: Korean ink, metallic paint, acrylic, metallic pen, and pencil on Hanji (Korean traditional paper)
Dimensions: 47H x 36.5W in
Original Artwork Price: $24,000

Revelations Series
Revelations was the second solo exhibition by Jinwon Chang at Waterfall Gallery showcasing the works created from 2019-2022. The collection includes his "InBetween Series" which began prior to the Pandemic Crisis of 2020 and all revelatory work made in solitude during the 18 months of lockdown at his studio and his residency at the Tusen Takk Foundation in the Fall of 2021. "Revelations" is the result of the 3 hermetic years where there is an explosion of visual tonality in direct relation with the expansion of his heart, opening into a new context of eternal light and a belief in seeing from the beyond. 

Chang describes his unintentional results as being the divine disclosure found in the form of light.

Artist Note
“Living and working alone at the Tusen Takk Foundation is a precious opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in New York City. The time allows me to be completely immersed in God's creation to focus on work. In close communication with nature, I’m discovering the beauty encoded and planted by God; this will naturally be revealed in my works.

In Michigan I was surrounded by the tall trees and the white light that penetrates the trees, the wind that moves the trees, the ever-changing Prussian blue and turquoise colors of Lake Michigan, the waves, and the sky. It seems that the invisible essences of truth, beauty, joy, and gratitude that I find while breathing and painting in perfect harmony with this environment were the light I was experiencing there. I was able to achieve a quality of openness that he hadn’t experienced before ” -Jinwon Chang