Artist Jinwon Chang

Kairos_3 Silkscreen Monoprint_A1

Year: 2022
Medium: Hand painted and silkscreen in 12 colors with iridescence, gold powder and silver powder on Hanji (Korean Traditional Paper)
Dimensions: 55H x 38W in (image size)
Original Artwork Price: $6,800 (unframed), $7,800 (framed)

Gary Lichtenstein x Jinwon Chang: Limited Edition Silkscreen Prints

A new series of museum quality silkscreen monoprints that are produced in collaboration with master printer, Gary Lichtenstein, at his studio inside Jersey City’s spectacular Mana Contemporary. The monoprints of “Kairos_3”, “Kairos_7”, “Kairos_9”, and “Hovering_3” are created using the original paintings as a road map alongside live hand painted backgrounds by Artist Jinwon Chang, before and after printing, in order to find delicate balance between paintings and silkscreening. As a result, each print is unique.

Gary Lichtenstein demonstrates true abstract expressionism via his spectacular use of color. His paintings, more than 200 oil-based works to date, exhibit mastery of the properties of light absorption and reflection, specifically with regard to the visual impact of color. The composition of Lichtenstein’s work has been referred to as atmospheric…”evocative of natural forms and phenomena.” Lichtenstein has collaborated with over ninety artists during the course of his thirty-five year career.