Artist Antonio Murado

“La presa” (After Paul de Vos)

Year: 2012
Medium: Oil on linen
Dimensions: 79H x 79W in
Original Artwork Price: $45,000

Artist Note

The artwork titled "La Presa (After Paul de Vos)" is inspired by the Flemish artist Paul de Vos's piece "Fábula del perro y la presa" (Fable of the dog and the prey), created in 1638. Paul de Vos was renowned during his era for his captivating hunting scenes, still lifes, and depictions of fables where animals took on central roles.

The fable of the dog and the prey narrates the tale of a dog pilfering a steak for its meal in an idyllic landscape. While crossing a bridge over a small body of water, the dog notices a reflection of another creature holding a steak. Driven by the desire for a more lavish meal, the dog relinquishes its steak in an attempt to claim the other animal's meal, only to realize that the reflection was its own all along. The fable imparts a lesson about greed and finding contentment with what one already possesses.

Murado took it upon himself to reinterpret the painting, aiming to delve into the processes and ideas behind the art of painting. Recreating entire scenes, expressions, or figures from some of the most accomplished painters of the 17th century allows Murado to immerse himself more deeply in the intricacies of the painting craft.