Artist Peter Moon

Living Water (3)

Year: 2022
Medium: Watercolor and mineral pigment on paper
Dimensions: 12.75H 12.75W in
Original Artwork Price: $1,800 (each) | $4,500 (set of 3)

Artist Note

By consistently keeping the paper surface moist, Moon harnesses the fluidity of watercolors to gracefully manipulate pigments, guiding them across the canvas, and allowing them to intermingle and define the abstract essence of water itself. For Moon, this interaction symbolizes a form of purification, as he permits the paint to immerse itself in a myriad of shapes, creating a limitless surface that occupies space without fundamentally altering it. This theme serves as a metaphor for the significance of water and its profound lessons, according to Moon.

Moon's compositions possess an inherent ambiguity, seamlessly merging shape and color. These artworks have the uncanny ability to captivate viewers, often inducing a trance-like or meditative state. The expressive and fluid stains of color come together to form a serene sanctuary, inviting observers to find solace within the artwork's embrace.

Moon states " Water cleanses stains and grows life. The cycle of water connects the sky and the earth. Water is the beginning of life with its holy nature. I treasure water the most"