Artist Melodie Provenzano

Little Angel

Year: 2007
Medium: Aluminum leaf, oil and acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 36H x 56W in
Original Artwork Price: $9,500

Artist's Note

Paper printed with roses that flower bouquets come wrapped in, vintage silk screened wallpaper and the stylized farm graphic on an egg carton were the visual inspirations for the environment created in this painting. "Little Angel" was a self portrait disguised in a painting of figurines playing flutes in a surreal countryside scene. Though I was living in NYC at the time, part of me was longing to live on the land, have a flower garden and grow vegetables. The romantic relationship, of which I had been part, was weighing me down, as one can see by the boy figurine on the angel's back. I channeled a fair amount of sadness in this picture, but an equal amount of hope. Fortunately, the story unfolded for the best in real life.