Artist Noh Jun

The Sweetest Companion In The World (Pink)

Year: 2021
Medium: Urethane paint on plastic (Edition of 58)
Dimensions: 10H x 16.5W x 5.5D in
Original Artwork Price: $2,400

All works are packed in each wooden box, and this box can be used as a pedestal.

Artist Note

"Sweetest Companion in the World-Pink Sleebu’. Dog ‘Sleebu’ and duck ‘Shilo’ are sailing in the sunshine on the calm sea. The place they were heading to was so natural that we didn't know how grateful we were. It is a daily life and a new world. For Shiloh without eyes, the sleeve is a lamp, and far away Shiloh is life and hope for a sleeveless swimmer. The future world is alone. It is a world of ‘companions’ that cannot be lived. If we have to go together, the road of companionship is sweet. It is a work that contains the meaning of being happy."