Artist Antonio Murado


Year: 2022
Medium: Oil on linen
Dimensions: 80H x 60W in
Original Artwork Price: $28,000

Artist Note

“Path” is Murado's dive into the process of making art to provide a transcendental experience for viewers. In this painting, he follows the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi, an Italian mystic catholic friar who is considered to be the patron saint of animals and nature. Saint Francis speaks on the importance of humility and scarcity. For Antonio, he reduces his paintings to its bare elements such as shape, color and overall structure in an attempt to provide an entrance for a deeper experience. Murado's art works investigate the passage of time and slowness in the process of making art and achieve romantic interpretations of nature, historical references and literature. Building up layers on the surface of the canvas and adding lighter gestural marks, Antonio Murado achieves great depth and a meditative mood. He explores his interest in nature using subject matter—often abstracted landscapes and flowers—and experiments with the behavioral properties of paints and varnishes.