Artist Dawn Waters Baker



Year: 2021
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 60H x 48W in
Original Artwork Price: $14,000

Artist Note

“A sanctuary is a place where someone is protected or given shelter, a holy place. I’ve been thinking a great deal about places of belonging. How so many are still trying to find a place of solitude in our fractured, hurting world. A place where they feel safe and free. I like to think of the waterfall as a metaphor of Love (ever flowing, eternal and never ending). Here the tree is kept inside a ring of waterfalls. I found as I painted this the water wanted to also spring up from the ground as if it was saying something about giving my love back to the one who has given it to me. I let the paint do what it wanted to do and found myself giving praise and thanks as I painted it. The tree is safe to thrive and grow inside the Love. This is our true home.”