Artist Antonio Murado

Southwest Sunset


Year: 2023
Medium: Oil and varnish on linen 
Dimensions: 60H x 80W in

Artist Note
Antonio Murado has taken inspiration from the renowned Southwest school of painting and the tonalist art movement. Tonalism, which originated in the 1880s, involved American artists painting landscapes with an overall tonal quality, using colored atmosphere or mist. Captivated by the American spirit of exploration and influenced by landscapes from northern romantic painters, Murado has embarked on experiments with washes, varnish, and turpentine. These techniques embody a distinctive approach and chromatic palette in his artwork. The use of varnish produces a weathered, "dirty windshield" effect, imparting an aged quality to an otherwise contemporary painting. Murado's focus lies in expansive landscapes and open spaces, driven by a profound sense of searching and immersion.