Artist Luca Artioli


Year: 2021
Medium: Digital photo (edition 1 of 3), ICM technique, plexi mount with 1/8" plexi aluminum back metallic print and metal frame D-bond back with maple wood frame
Dimensions: 40H x 65W in 
Original Artwork Price: $16,000

Rising Series

The Rising Cross is an artistic project inspired by the artist's faith in Jesus. In recent years Luca collected a series of photos (more than 80) in the churches where he used to go to pray and meditate while traveling in Italy and abroad. He started taking pictures of the Crosses to transcend movement from a static object of faith. His vision is to deconstruct the rigidity and pain of the story of crucifixion and visualize the flow of light that comes from resurrection. The Crosses that you can see in Artioli’s photos become objects of light and as weightless as a prayer can be when it flies freely into the sky.