Artist Antonio Murado

The Gardener

Year: 2019
Medium: Oil on linen 
Dimensions: 80H x 60W in 
Original Artwork Price: $28,000 (unframed)

Artist Note
Antonio Murado initiated his exploration of the human form by delving into the realm of portraiture fantasization. Contemplating the masterpieces of historical portraiture, he pondered the identities of those portrayed. Whether commissioned for a family or depicting strangers, Murado recognized the allure of ambiguity in figuration and creating a narrative. Choosing not to prescribe specificity to his figures, he harnessed familiarity as a tool to captivate viewers, prompting them to question and sustain their interest. Murado's figures, reminiscent of figures depicted during the baroque art period, serve as reinventions rather than mere echoes of the past. These creations engage not in conversations of bygone eras but rather in a dialogue with the present.