Artist Rex Hausmann

The Hunting Blind #3: Kate's Daily Walk

Year: 2022
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 72H x 96W in
Original Artwork Price: $30,000

In Search of the Color Yellow: The Hunting Blind #3

Using the easel that was once his grandfather's, he recalls how painting onsite in an environment challenged him to get up early to catch the daylight and become intertwined with the sounds of nature. His ongoing “Hunting Blind Series” (2014-2022) has been created over the course of 7 years. Hausmann currently travels to friends and families homes that he has known for over 20 years to continue the work. In an effort to reconnect with the past, Hausmann captures time and weaves together the relatable and the autobiographical of people, their daily lives, their actions, and their stories as they are.