Artist Heidy Sumei Chuang

The Unveiling

Year: 2023
Medium: Mineral pigment and watercolor on paper
Dimensions: 13H x 13W in (framed)
Original Artwork Price: $1,800 (framed)

Artist Note
Her field of roses, painted en plein air on the Mount of Olives in Israel, creates a sanctuary for reflection through their delicate formation in watercolor and natural rock pigments. The light that protrudes through the spaces of overlay and convergence with each flower, reveals symbols of purity, hope, and optimism that can sustain us through even the darkest of times. Using natural rock pigments, Chuang created a paradox painting leaves that represent beauty arising from ashes.

This collection tells the story of beauty flourishing in unexpected places, in the middle of life, in all its brokenness and complexity. Chuang states:

“The humble flower that grows in a gutter in Israel, fed from a single drop of water; the only rose garden on the dusty Mount of Olives; the ancient, sacred space dwarfed by Wall Street; the new life that blooms even in broken relationships. The abundance that blooms when you least expect it is right around the corner if only we would slow down to notice it. Their silent poetry whispers that beauty can arise from ashes and hope blooms.”