Heewon Kim is a Korean designer and photographer who uses photography as a design language. 
Someone's Window is a project about respect. It all started from Heewon’s humble wish to look to the world through the perspective of well-respected people from various backgrounds. After choosing people respectable in their own right, he took pictures of the windows in these people’s rooms where they spend most of their time. Each work displays the windows of these individuals and delivers a certain mood, an atmosphere, and an environment that the individuals lived in. Heewon hopes thatSomeone’s Window will transport the viewers to a different space and time to transform the viewers’ disposition and frame of mind. 
Someone's Candle has the classic shape and composition of the Dutch vanitas paintings of the seventeenth century, which symbolize the inevitability of death. The slender white candle in the video quietly gazes into the image of itself reflected in the mirror. The hyper-realistic image filmed with high-resolution camera tears down the boundary between the real and the virtual. The viewers slowly fall into the image of the candle flaring up brightly and are reminded of the human fate in which one must face the moment of death that creeps up without warning or notice. 
Heewon Kim, born in 1982 in Korea, earned Masters in Interior & Living Design from Domus Academy in Italy and earned Bachelors in Product Design from Hongik University. Kim's works have been shown internationally in multiple solos and group exhibitions, including Chang Ucchin Museum of Art in Yangju City, Korea (2020); Gwangju Biennale in Seoul, Korea; National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) in Seoul, Korea; PHILLIPS in London, England; FuoriSalone - Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milano, Italy (2019), to list a few. Kim's works have collaborated with multiple artists and brands, including SK Investment, SK Chemicals, SK Gas, Sk G.Plant in 2020, ODE Port in 2018, Samsung Electronics X HeewonKim in 2017, Nest Hotel, The Annex Hotel in 2015, and BMW Korea in 2013. Kim was an award recipient of La Biennale di Venezia Architettura Arsenale 6_ Collaboration Artist with Moss (2012); ELLE Décoration France_Talent à la carte, Designer of South Korea; 1st Prize in Coloriamo il mondo - Comune di Milano; and was selected as a designer in residence at MoA.