Park Joon is a South Korean photographer, based in New York City whose series of monochrome photographs beautifully capture the American landscape. He was educated in New York and was deeply inspired by Ansel Adams.
As an immigrant, Joon’s documentations reflect his own self-identification. He intentionally seeks out the desert for peace, personal renewal, and to pursue a closer relationship with the spirit and nature. In order to capture the beauty of the American landscape, he has driven through every state of the US more than fifty times in his small car which now has over 200,000 miles. Every trip has been an adventure, filled with inspirations and trials. It is truly a journey of passion and soul searching for him. He says he wants to give back to the community.
Joon combines the gestalt experiences of scarce desert compositions with a traditional darkroom development to bring forth his intimate photographic works. Joon’s use of monochromatic values emphasize the dynamic interplay of his subjects' parts and wholes. Joon believes his use of monochrome allows greater freedom in expressing the contradictory richness of full color scales as well as emphasis and control.